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Love Isn’t Like A Box Of Chocolates

Dreading Valentine’s Day? Perfect. I’m glad to hear that. No, I’m not some heartless person who wants you to spend the whole day in misery, but I do want to help you re-think the way you see this day that is typically associated with romance, hearts and a box of chocolates.
Regardless of your current relationship status, whether or not you think Valentine’s is even a legit holiday or if you’re simply dreading all of the sappy posts or photos that are sure to overtake your news feed, I’d like to think that most of you like love, or at least the idea of it in general.
We use the word love countless times each and every day to describe our significant others, family, friends, careers, and heck, even things as simple as a favorite TV show or ice cream flavor.
Humans by nature are extremely passionate beings, and I personally believe that we all long to be connected to other people in one way or another. What if we took that intensity, that dedication, that passion, and coupled it with service on this day that is usually more self-indulgent?
What does that even look like? I’m glad you asked. Here are a few ideas:
1. Give A Helping Hand
See someone at the store struggling to carry groceries? Sometimes love looks like carrying a bag of fruit to an elderly woman’s car. Notice new neighbors moving in to your apartment complex? Offer to lift a box or two.
2. Buy Someone’s Coffee or Lunch
Pick up the tab for the customer behind you in the coffee shop drive thru or buy the dude two tables behind you a sandwich. Sometimes love looks like filling an empty belly.
3. Lend A Listening Ear
Odds are someone you know is feeling heavy-hearted. You might not be able to meet their every need, but you can meet them with open ears and word of encouragement.
4. Go Serve
It’s extremely difficult to feel down in the dumps when you’re serving others who are down on their luck – I’m talking way worse conditions than being dateless on the 14th of February. Volunteering at a homeless shelter sitting with some of the many forgotten residents at a nursing home, or helping out at your local animal shelter are just a few sure ways to knock self-pity in the face.
This is love. Simple. Beautiful. Universal. Sometimes love doesn’t come delivered to the door covered in glitter with flashes of bright red and pink. It doesn’t always smell like roses – especially if you choose to serve at a shelter or two. It may not come in a heart-shaped box of chocolates, but I can assure you that it’s the sweetest thing you’ll ever experience. Love goes beyond personal preference and convenience. It’ll always cost you something, but it’ll just as surely will give you back everything you could ever hope for in life as well.
Love and hugs,
Juli Wilson


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