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7 Things Guys Don’t Notice (But Should)

I know, man, you're not really into the whole "prim and proper" thing. Your girlfriend enjoys fashion and dresses nicely but all you think the red bottoms on her shoes mean is that she walked through some wet paint.

Not every guy has an appreciation for style or fashion, but what they should have, is an appreciation for their woman, her interests, and the efforts she puts forth. If you pay just a little more attention, it will show her that you care enough to notice the small things.

Here are 7 details to get you started:

Her makeup probably matches something.

If you guys are going out to dinner and she's wearing, say, gold accessories - it's likely that her eyeshadow or tint of her makeup will be some version of gold(ish) as well. There will probably be some correlation between the color(s) she chooses and the rest of her outfit.

Since she is clearly putting effort into this, it's a nice thing to notice and compliment her on to let her know you're paying attention.

Bonus: Her eye makeup is probably applied in order to bring out her eyes and make them pop. Notice.

She got a new purse (and it matches her shoes).

Her purse, or clutch, will always match her shoes. Now, match doesn't always mean blue and blue, it could mean they correlate somehow or share a certain print, pattern, or the like. Use your visual memory and at least ask if something is new if you don't think you've seen it before (make sure though, because if you have seen it, she'll know you didn't notice).

Keeping in mind that the purse will go with the shoes, it's usually a safe bet for a compliment when she's dressed up.

She got a haircut.

Sometimes a girl will just need an inch off the bottom or a trim to clean up her hair, it might not be too noticeable but usually it's not too difficult to tell if a woman is fresh out of the salon. You don't have to be able to pinpoint the exact change, but asking if she changed her hair leads you into one of two situations:

1, no I didn't. Your response: Oh, well, it looks really nice today/tonight.

2: yes I did. Your response: Mental victory dance.

Her mood is off.

Man, this one isn't so small, is it?! The majority of communication is not verbal, and while this goes for all aspects of life it's especially true when you're in a relationship. The adage "it's not what you say, it's how you say it" comes to mind, and guys should pay attention more to how a woman is acting rather than what she's saying.

Often times she's not going to tell you something is wrong or that she wants to be comforted - but you should pay enough attention to be able to tell. You never truly know a woman until you understand the things she's not saying to you.

She got her nails did.

This one is easy. Were her nails chipping last week but now they're fresh, smooth, and a different color? Notice - and say something about it. She spent time and money freshening herself up and it should be recognized and appreciated.

She's wearing a different perfume.

Studies show that smell is actually one of the most retained things in our memories. Anyone who catches a whiff of a certain scent and is instantly reminded of an ex boyfriend or girlfriend is aware of this. If you "sense" something is new, mention it to her.

She looks beautiful when she wakes up.

Sometimes, early on in a relationship, a woman won't even let a man see her without makeup for fear of (for lack of a better term) "ruining the illusion." The truth is, women often look beautiful when they wake up, even when they don't think so themselves. There is a serene, angelic innocence to those first few moments of the day and the fact that she's not wearing any makeup has nothing to do with it.

Make sure the woman you wake up next to knows that rolling over and seeing her face, puts a smile on yours.


The small things that you do and notice in a relationship are often the things that matter most, because they show you're willing to put effort in and pay attention, just because. There is no expected reason or special occasion, but just because you care.

Notice the small things, because someday you will look back and realize that they were the big things.

*Credit: James Michael Sama


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